Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Monday, November 25, 2019

Present: See attached sign-in sheets
1. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 8:07 pm. Everyone was welcomed and asked to sign in, pick
up documentation, and thanked for attending.
2. Quorum Verification
92 attending plus 6 board members
3. Nomination of AGM President and Secretary
Ernesto Iannuccilli presided over the meeting. Jennifer MacGregor recorded the minutes.
4. Approval of the Agenda
It was requested that the question period be moved to before the election of the committee. It
was moved from item 11 to item 7.1. The agenda was then accepted with the change. Moved by
Ross McKay and seconded by Elio Perrazzino.
1.1 Prior to the approval of the Minutes, Marc Doret, representing the City, spoke. He advised that
normally neither he nor the mayor would attend this meeting. However, there is a situation they
wish to address. It was brought to light the previous Friday that there is a discrepancy in the
DSA charter:
 In 2006 a motion was approved changing the term for President and Secretary from one
to two years. At the same time it was voted that the President must come from the Board
of Directors.
 In the Charter of 2008 the clause remained.
 In 2010 the Charter was translated and during this time said clause was lost.
The City has consulted with a lawyer in an attempt to sort out the irregularity and for the
purpose of this meeting the position of President will not be up for election.
There were many questions from the floor but it was reiterated that while the election for
other positions would take place, that of the President would not.
AGM Minutes 2019
Page 3 / 7
Questions continued and Marc Doret explained that once the new committee is voted in they
can then vote in an interim President. In addition, anyone who has not submitted their name
can be voted in at the first meeting of the committee after the AGM. It was asked if the
interim President must come for the existing board and it was explained that the new board
could vote any member in. Some time in the future a special general meeting will take
place to ratify.
5. Approval of the 2018 AGM Minutes
The attendees were asked to review the 2018 Minutes and advised that the Minutes can only be
accepted by those who were in attendance at that Meeting. Brian Ridgway pointed out that item
7 of the prior year’s AGM stated that a Profit and Loss statement was distributed and that in fact
this should read Budget. In addition, under Nomination of Election V.P Competitive this should
read “Michelle Secondi is acclaimed as V-P Competitive”. With these changes Brian Ridgway
approved the Minutes seconded by Eric Coloccia.
6. Annual Reports:
 President’s Report:
Ernesto introduced himself. He advised that the 2019 year had been the most difficult year in
all the years he has been involved. The main challenge has been the declining enrolment. This
has impacted finances as will be shown in the treasurer’s report. Ernesto expressed pleasure at
the turnout as more volunteers are needed to help the club and wished that those who will be on
the board will be able to move the club forward.
Ernesto then introduced the existing committee,
In order to carry out all the programs offered, volunteers are badly needed. There are positions
to be filled on the Committee and it is challenging for those involved to cover all that is needed
to be done.
 House League V-P Reports:
Developmental (U4 to U9)
Jay Bouvier introduced himself and advised that he had taken on the position last year. He feels
that the year was fairly successful. The main challenge is that coaches need help. He advised
that he will not be returning in this position.
Recreational (U10 to U18)
In his absence Ernesto read out the following report which was submitted by Ronald Bush:
AGM Minutes 2019
Page 4 / 7
This year was a tough year for the U10M boys division. They were extremely out matched by the
Lachine teams. Some parents made the suggestions that Lachine practices more than Dorval and
that the club should hold more practices for them. I explained to them that unfortunately it’s up to
the coaches to hold practices and that the club cannot force them to do so, since they volunteer their
time. I had asked on numerous occasions that the technical team try and help out the coaches. At
first they seemed that they wanted to help but after a while of hearing that they didn’t seem to want
to help I found out that it was because they were too busy coaching their own competitive teams
and couldn’t find time to help the teams that requested help. This extended to the U12F team who
also had a rough season. I will be meeting the technical staff in the new year to try and remedy this
for the upcoming season.
The U12M team had an up and down season but managed to finish 2nd overall and get a silver
medal in the biggest division (14 teams) in all the youth local league.
The U17F girls had another successful regular season and played well in the many tournaments they
played in during the summer. However they fell short in the playoffs and couldn’t get out of the
round robin. They ended up having 25 girls registered which is the most they have had in the past
many years.
I’ve already had discussions with my counterpart in Lachine to try and come up with a solution for
the U10 division next year but we have put our talks on hold until after our AGM. We will pick up
the discussion early in the new year.
As always membership is going down and trying to find coaches last year wasn’t an easy task. We
had no choice but to move some players to Lachine and/or Pointe Claire in the categories that we
were unable to field teams!
 Technical Director’s Report:
Paul Callou introduced himself and advised that he has been TD with Dorval for two years. He
described his background with Dorval including the three-year program Vision 2020. He
advised that his philosophy is “Athlete focused family oriented”. He explained that he was
drawn to Dorval as it is a “small club with a big heart”.
A Goalie academy was set up. An attempt was made to increase female coaches and the
technical team ensured that they were mentored.
He presented a PowerPoint presentation outlining the program.
 Staffing
 Observation
 Club landscape
 Best practices
AGM Minutes 2019
Page 5 / 7
A question from the floor asked why technical expenses were so much higher this year and
Maya explained that there were more requirements for experienced personnel and therefore
more staff were needed.
Paul explained that the technical team was available to help at all levels when requested. He
noted that in many cases there is been a lack of commitment as players age. He pointed out that
on the boys side the club lost certain age groups and once those are lost they do not return.
Paul advised that he is not returning as Technical Director and wished the club the very best.
7. Treasurer’s Report
a) A financial statement for the 2018-209 year was distributed along with projected budget.
Maya Spano reinforced the challenge required to balance a budget when registrations are
going down.
Maya presented a chart showing membership over the past nine years. She pointed out that the
committee has plenty of ideas but lacks hands.
Questions were posed regarding specific items.
Maya explained that the committee had approached the Dorval Athletic Association recently
and are required to present the statements to them to be audited. Previously there had been talks
with the City and the Mayor expressed a wish to help increase registrations.
b) The DAA to perform an audit before adoption of the budget. This will take place at a
special General Meeting to be called by the incoming Board once the books have been
7.1 Question Period
It was pointed out that the website was not kept up-to-date. The question was asked as to
who puts the call for tryouts at the beginning of the season on the website. Ernesto answered
that it the responsibility of the Club Administrator.
Regarding sponsorship, are there any restrictions with the Club? What is most needed is a
volunteer with experience in marketing/sales who can help along with the general membership
who have connections. Sponsorship on jerseys must be “tasteful” and no alcohol nor cigarette
advertising is permitted.

AGM Minutes 2019
Page 6 / 7
Questions regarding licensing were raised. The club is currently in default with the CSA
concerning the deadline for submission. M. Tissot of Lac St Louis explained the CSA rules.
At this point Marc Doret intervened to encourage the membership to stay and vote to be on the
committee in order to start the process of application.
A motion was proposed by Ernesto to create the position of Past President for a term of one year.
Approved by Mara Welch seconded by Charles Taite.
 Nomination of election
Jim Kinnear thanked the existing committee on behalf of the City of Dorval. He explained
that two positions of two-year terms were not up for election this year, that being Treasurer
(Maya Spano) and VP Senior (Anthony Torchia). He reiterated that the position of
President would not be voted on tonight and that the Secretary position remains vacant.
 V-P Intercity - (Executive - voting position, 1-year term)
Thomas Cipriani is acclaimed as V-P Intercity – accepted.
 V-P Development U4 to U9 (Executive - voting position, 1-year term)
Andrew Phan is acclaimed as V-P Development– accepted
 V-P Recreational U10 to U18 (Executive - voting position, 1-year term)
Ronald Bush is acclaimed as V-P Recreational – accepted
 Referee-In-Chief - (Executive - voting position, 1-year term)
Frank Benhaim is acclaimed as Referee-in-Chief – accepted
 Equipment Manager - (Executive - voting position, 1-year term)
Marisa Defrancesco is acclaimed as Equipment Manager – accepted
 Member-at-Large - (Executive - voting position, 1-year term)
Donny Mellozzi is acclaimed as Member-at-Large– accepted
 Nonvoting Position - Steve Rees is acclaimed
8. Election of Members
No elections were held this year, as all positions were acclaimed.
9. Presentation of new committee members
Following the nominations, Jim Kinnear pointed out that there is the possibility of having aa many
as 18 members on the board with 10 voting positions. He suggested that after this meeting the
AGM Minutes 2019
Page 7 / 7
membership consider if they would like to put forward their names to join. If interested they can
speak to the new members or send to There are many ways to help
including website, equipment, translation.
10. Adjournment
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:45 pm motioned by Charles
Taite and seconded by Mara Welch.

Jennifer MacGregor, Secretary.



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