Dear Members,

Greetings and happy new year to all! I am writing this first newsletter of the year as Dorval Soccer's new Technical Director. I have been called upon to ensure a smooth effective transition of operations with the departure of Brian Ridgway, your long term TD and club builder. No doubt, big shoes to fill. I will set forth to create the right environment for all Dorval athletes to reach their full potential and encourage coaches to be the best teachers they can be and wish to be. I will be your soccer lieutenant and aide-de-camp – to support and advise on player development and management. 

My arrival to the Club coincides with Quebec Soccer's new mantra, which is also in tune with my own personal beliefs: Du Soccer pour tous et toutes ; sous toutes ses formes, pour toutes les conditions sociales.
To help me in this daunting task, I have called upon partners with knowledge, experience, proven track records and, more importantly, their ability to develop and motivate athletes and mentor coaches. Join me in welcoming:

  • Reynald Jean Baptiste | Club Head Coach, Licence B National forme 
  • Sherlock George | Player Development Coordinator U4-U7, DEP 
  • Bernard Le Jour | Player Development Coordinator U8-U10, DEP 
  • Mathieu Taillefer | Goalkeeper Trainer, Certifiat gardien de but 
  • Fico Angeles | Technical Advisor, Licence B National, FSQ Course Director


Our first role is to support and mentor all our coaches at every level. The keys to success will be to:

  1. Build on the solid foundation of Dorval Soccer, laid down by the Board and Brian.
  2. Energize their passion and build on their skills, experience and dedication.
  3. Share our combined knowledge, experience and track record. If we do not have an answer, we will call upon our extensive network and find you an unbiased, objective answer. 


For all of our athletes, our role is to walk by your side as Refreshers, to inspire your dreams and energize your talent. As Refiners, to sharpen your ideas and clarify your vision. Make no mistake, we are committed and determined to shelter you from Reducers who try to reduce your dream to their own comfort level and Rejecters who will deny you potential and hold you back to suit their own comfort zone and agenda.

Our collective efforts will focus on:

  1. Creating a positive environment based on respect, integrity, dialogue and collaboration, focused on the pursuit of excellence, fueled by a desire for continuous improvement.
  2. Fostering a strong “sentiment d’appartenance” and loyalty for our colours.
  3. Offering equitable quality training and service to all members, regardless of age, gender and level played.
  4. Ensuring the healthy flow of athletes and succession planning of coaches, particularly female coaches.
  5. Ensuring the smooth and continuous operations by agreeing on, and implementing, clear, shared objectives, procedures and guidelines.
  6. Fostering a collective Club culture; transparent, shared, and coherent.
  7. Collaborating with Club administrative services to offer top notch service to our members and partners.


I am confident we will find reasons to work together, for the greater good of the Dorval athletes. I recognize, respect and accept differences of opinion. I am open to dialogue, to enact on ideas that will benefit all the athletes of Dorval. I value harmony, unity and commitment.

There is only two options regarding commitment (to a vision, to a cause); 

You’re either in or you are out, there is no such thing as life in-between.
– Pat Riley
A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.
— Lao Tze

Kind regards,
Paul Callou | Technical Director / Directeur Technique
Licence B forme, DEP, DTC (directeur technique de club)
Dorval Soccer Association


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