Dear Players, Volunteers, Parents,

As we head into the 2016 season and our 52nd year in operation, Dorval Soccer continues to offer programs at all levels:  from micro, youth, and senior age categories. We will be fielding many A, multiple AA girls and boys teams, as well as 2 AAA feminine teams, this summer – which is a proportionally high number of competitve teams, considering the relative size of our membership.

Our success has become possible due to the hard work of our large network of volunteers, members, and devoted staff.  All of whom are wholeheartedly committed to the children, our community, the association they represent, and the game of soccer.

Each member continues to make a valuable contribution to make our club a success; many work diligently behind the scenes, and others are more visible, notably our club Technical Director, Brian Ridgway.  Brian continues to add services and programs to both our intercity teams, and our house league program alike.

The executive and staff are always looking for ways to improve our services, and the method in which they are offered.

Dorval Soccer is once again offering online registration renewal, for returning players and coaches.  Registering online is a popular and time-saving alternative to in-person registrations.  We strongly encourage our returning members to register using our online portal.  The portal is easy to use, and registration only takes a few minutes.

Another enormous challenge we are facing, and for a while, which is not exclusive to Dorval Soccer, is the drop off in registrations at the older age categories. Our objective is to try and increase these numbers, and explore various options to achieving this.
Please feel free to contact the various members of the executive committee (listed under the
contact tab). Our executive is available to answer any questions, discuss suggestions and ideas, or listen to any comments you may have. The board is always looking for new members to join the executive, in order to provide fresh ideas to strengthen and improve our services.
In conclusion, I wish you all a fantastic summer of soccer whether you are playing, coaching, refereeing, or just plain watching and cheering.

I also encourage you to take note of and to patronize our sponsors, who are listed in the sponsors section.   We thank our sponsors for their financial or material contributions, which in turn, allow us to provide our services, at a reasonable cost.

To our coaches, referees and volunteers, I thank you all for your continued hard work and dedication.
Thank you and I look forward to seeing you this summer on the field.

Ernesto Iannuccilli
Presdient | Dorval Soccer Association


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