As mandated by the City of Dorval and as a member of the Dorval Athletic Association, our mission is to provide developmental, recreational, and competitive soccer services to the children, youth, and adult citizens of Dorval.

We strive to provide an environment that promotes a passion for the game and a positive overall experience for all participants.

We promote community-based recreational and competitive soccer programs in Dorval by providing high quality player development curriculum, coaching development, training support, and operational assistance for these programs.

We commit to continuous improvement of our select soccer program’s performance at all levels by supporting recreational soccer programs, developing players, and attracting outside talent.




Every player recognizes the commitment of the club to provide the player the best coaching available, the best facilities possible, the highest level of development possible, and the highest level of competition obtainable.

Every parent acknowledges the commitment of the club to develop their sons and daughters into the best person they can be, both on and off the field, by providing accessible, well-organized programs, leagues, practices, and community events.

Every coach understands their purpose is to develop players both athletically and socially by providing expert coaching and acting as a positive role model and mentor in all aspects of life. 


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