CODE OF CONDUCT TO PROTECT CHILDREN
Guidelines for A Positive Learning Environment 

The Dorval Soccer Association (herein referred to as “the Club”) created the following Code of Conduct for the protection of our youth athletes in order to provide framework for the interactions between Club employees/volunteers and the children. The protection and well-being of the children in our Club are primordial in our programming. We will foster positive relationships with the children while respecting appropriate limits.

This document is to be used as a tool to create a positive learning environment where the limits are well-established for all participants and persons of authority. 

Children must always be treated with respect and calmness. 

Club employees and volunteers must be aware of, and continuously reflect on their actions and ensure that those around are also conscious of the behaviour we display in front of the children.

The Club commits to maintain a professional image and set an example for the children, both on and off the field.
Interactions Between Players and Coaches

  • Must always be done in a manner in which the parents are informed.  
  • Must not be privately via social media.
  • Must be done within the limits and functions of the employee/volunteer (messages such as  “Happy Birthday or “Get Well Soon” are acceptable). 
  • Must be consistent with Club’s philosophy.

If at any moment, an employee or volunteer of the Club is uncertain if their actions could adversely effect their interaction with a player, they should first discuss the matter with the Club Administrator. 
Guidelines for Communications on the Field 

All Club employees/volunteers must communicate in a positive and constructive manner that encourages improvement and does not instill fear or shame by a child. 

The following communication methods are unacceptable:  

  • Humiliation 
  • Mockery 
  • Blaming a child or publicly reprimanding them 
  • Criticizing without offering any solutions

Guidelines for Acceptable Behaviour

All Club employees/volunteers must respect the guidelines set-out by the Club. These guidelines include, but are not limited to:  

  • Never have physical contact with a child that could make them feel uncomfortable or that could appear excessive to a reasonable observer. 
  • Never behave in a manner that contradicts the policies, mandate or Code of Conduct of the Club 
  • Never take the law into one’s hands by conducting your own investigation or discussing allegations/suspicions of inappropriate or potentially illegal conduct concerning a child. It is the duty of all employees/volunteers to raise any concerns with the Club Administrator.   

Definition of Inappropriate Behaviour

Inappropriate contact: Spending time outside of club activities with a child without the consent and knowledge of the parents.

Inappropriate communications: Communicating with a child outside of the context of club activities without the knowledge and consent of parents. For example: 

  • Personal phone calls unrelated to Club activities.  
  • Electronic communications unrelated to Club activities. These include emails, texts, instand messages, online chatting, social media and friend requests)  
  • Personal letters unrelated to the Club activities. 
  • Excessive communications (on or offline). 

Taking personal photos or videos: Use of a phone or other electronic device to take pictures or videos of a child to be used for personal reasons without the knowledge and consent of the parent.  

Favoritism: Providing certain children with privileges or special attention. These can include giving personal gifts, or giving extra attention deemed unnecessary or inappropriate in the context of the sport. 

Inappropriate jokes: Telling explicit, racist or jokes of a sexual nature to a child.    Sexuel content: The displaying of any sexual material in any format (drawings, film, photos, literature, web sites or web content) to any child or within proximity of children is strictly forbidden.  

Intimidation / mockery : Behaving or speaking in a manner that makes a child feel threatened or mocked. Demeaning a child or encouraging their peers to to behave in a similar manner. 

The Dorval Soccer Association will not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour, especially if it tarnishes a child’s experience with the Club and Club activities. The Club has the final say on whether actions or behaviours are considered inappropriate. The Club will take into consideration all circumstances surrounding any event or allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

Reporting Obligations

All employees/volunteers are required to report any suspicions of sexual abuse, inappropriate behaviour or incidents that they witness or are brought to their attention. 

Reporting:  

All allegations or suspicions of potentially illegal behaviour (ex: sexual abuse) to which an employee/volunteer is witness or made aware, must be reported to the police or child protection services. These authorities will determine whether the suspicion is reasonable and can proceed with an investigation.

Reporting Follow-Up 

Following a suspicion of illegal behaviour, the police or child protection services will be notified. The Club will do an internal follow-up as well if needed. 

Following the reporting of inappropriate behaviour, the Club will do an internal follow-up in order to establish the facts and determine whether disciplinary measures will be taken. 

In the following circumstance the Club may determine that police or child protection intervention may be necessary: 

  • If there are several complaints made;  
  • If the behaviour is repeated;   
  • If the behaviour is deemed serious enough to warrant investigation by legal authorities.


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