Whether at home or away, for practices or for games, all members—coaches, staff, players and parents—represent the Dorval Soccer Association. Respect for officials, referees, opponents, fellow coaches and managers, players, teammates, spectators and the game is essential to promoting the integrity of our Club. All members are responsible for adhering to the Dorval Soccer Association Code of Conduct below.


  • Promote and encourage a positive and enjoyable environment at all times; be constructive while instructing players at practice and games.
  • Be a good role model at all times.
  • Always be consistent with players and parents.
  • Demonstrate and teach respect for officials, referees, opponents, fellow coaches, teammates, spectators and the game.
  • Respect referees at all times. Period.
  • Establish fair play in regards to all aspects of the game.
  • Promote cooperation and sportsmanship with the players, league and Club.
  • Know the laws of the game.
  • Communicate with players and parents with respect and dignity. Disrespect or the use of foul language or gestures will not be tolerated. Unresolved issues should be reported to the VP Competitive.
  • Wait 24 hours following a dispute before contacting the persons involved.
  • Appropriate soccer attire is required for all practices and games; official Dorval Soccer apparel and identification must be worn to all games.
  • Dorval Soccer Association has a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and controlled substances. If you have consumed alcohol before a game, find a replacement Coach. 
  • Attend all hearings and discipline as governed by Dorval Soccer. Coaches will be responsible for payment of all fines levied from any governing discipline body.


  • Promote fun while competing, regardless of playing level.
  • Practice fair play with  integrity and respect.
  • Always hold respect for officials, opponents, coaches and teammates.
  • Attend and arrive at all practices and games in a timely manner
  • Be prepared for games and practices with proper equipment and attitude.
  • Always inform your Coach if you will be late or absent for games and practices.
  • Never use foul, profane or derogatory language at any time while at a practice or a game to any person. Remember you represent both Dorval Soccer and yourself.
  • Players will be responsible to attend discipline hearings when required and accept decisions made at these hearings.
  • Players will be responsible to pay any fines when assessed at these hearings.



  • Be positive and supportive of the soccer team and Club.
  • Encourage and promote fun for the players and coaches.
  • Never coach or give instruction during practices or games.
  • Never criticize players, coaches, staff or parents from the team or an opposing team.
  • Respect officials and referees at all times.
  • Verbal and/or physcial abuse towards any referee, player, coach, staff member, board member or parent will not be tolerated.
  • Resolve your problems with team or the Club in a respectful manner.
  • Wait 24 hours following a dispute before contacting the persons involved.
  • Talk to the Coach privately and respectfully.  If the issue cannot be resolved contact the VP Competitive to mediate the issue.
  • Help our young players focus on performance and not results.
  • e a good role model.



  • The Team Manager will refrain from discussing player performance as well as any technical and tactical matters with coaches and parents (on the team or otherwise).
  • Budgets may be requested for review by the VP Competitive at any time.
  • All funds raised by fundraising or by parent submission have to be transparent with the parents of the team. The preliminary and final team budget must be sent to each player.
  • Alcohol must never be present at any team parties, nor should any team funds be used to pay for any alcohol at any time.
  • Assure fees are paid and that the team is never in bad standing with the Region or the DSA.





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